2012-06-03: End of the day

3 Jun

The region of Novara is very agricultural… Rice production beside the road, some corn.
Because of the humidity, I decided not to use the biwak bag: even it has a mosquito net, I rather pass that one..

Back in Switzerland?

Novara was annoucing my arrival with bell music ;o)

??Ente?? (German for duck)
Something with italian rice

Hehe… The sign said 27C and there was blue sky!

Which lead to the first ice of the tour! 🙂

That brought me the envy for dinner: pasta (al) bolognese 😉

Changing state means smaller road. And I thought the Lombardy were richer?

Finally, after 125km I arrived in Mortara where someone opened the not expensive and clean albergio del la torre for me as normally closed on weekend (sa/so).

Good night!

By Georges

Location:Contrada Torre,Mortara,Italy

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