2012-06-05: (-: night :-)

5 Jun

Nothing spectacular for most readers but my 2nd personal highlight: after the ride to Genova in two days, now I reached my 2nd target: sleeping outside under a star sky… MEGA *smile*

Well, sleep is an elastic word: I think not really have been done to sleep where the background noise is that loud… Wrroooaammwrrrrrooooooaaaammwrrroooaaammm 😐

Meru’s ultralight sleeping bag (14 C) and the clothe were enough, Thermarest’s matt as comfortable as in Australia…
The wind was not cool, just nice temperature beside the waking up at 8:30, where I was missing some socks.

So now the washing has been done, just waiting for the drying and landing in Palermo:-)

oh, the public shower are quite a catastrophe: 2 of 3 were broken, dont ask about the cleanness of the 3rd one. But I need defitively a shower!

Full moon:

Good morning:

View when opening the eyes:

“my” bedroom:

To the front of the ship

To the back, swimming pools are out of order:


Guest passing by 🙂

Recommendation: before boarding, find a hotel or a shower and take your time. It will be much less stressful on the ferry.


By Georges

Location:Between Genova and Palermo

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