2012-06-06: The tour starts really..

6 Jun

So, today the tour starts by leaving Palermo in direction if Marsala…
I’ve tried some country side which was a beautiful (or better lucky) idea: some spot are just great! Ok, some ups and downs to train the body, but the eyed sre more than happy! Even the nose: some smell remember me Chile: sulphur was in the air!
Coke and gelato break, some resting and the journey continues…

By Georges

Location:Contrada Toffo Rosso,Calatafimi-Segesta,Italy

2 Replies to “2012-06-06: The tour starts really..

  1. @Dino: you got it ;-)By the way, I'm already IN Italy :o)Sorry for not having answered before: I was expecting a message when comments are posted…

  2. You are aware that Italy is in the other direction?Anyway, follow the beach and you will also reach Messina to take the ferry to Italy. By the way, if you are orbit Sicily, it is a must to visit Agrigento where the best maintained greek temples are. then you can go up to the Etna.

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