2012-06-07: The story continues, at least a bit!

7 Jun

So, after about 25km of one leg cycling and walking, I arrived at Menfi, where I met the cyclist Phillipo. He worked in Lucerne at the time I was born and moved then to Germany. So his help was even better. And as a cyclist, he knew my situation.
In such moment, you have to be pragmatic, even it hurts deeply in your heart. Who would drive a
Screw in his”Ferrari”?
First some landscape, the the solution and finally where Philippo brought me. 🙂
By the way: Menfi has the biggest “cantine” for wine of whole Italy. From what I understood: it is where the wine is produced from the grapes.
Cheers from the bath, I need some thing to eat.
Now I know, there is one:

But looks like that:

or worse like that

Phillipo at the left:

The solution for in between:

Where I’m sitting

Where I go after dinner

By Georges


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