2012-06-09: Changes…

9 Jun

The morning was a bit different to an usual rest day: I had to hurry to find a special shop which solve my issue. And shops closes in the afternoon on Saturdays…
The guy from the B&B helped me out finding some. Two in Favara, one in 50min Bus ride distance. I chose the first and went to the bus station: the bus would only drive two hours later. Means loosing precious time. So I decided to “brake” the off day rule (no cycling) and went first the hill down. When it came to the hill, I tried to hitchhike (saving time and muscles). After 10min I did something no one should do: have a lift of a car by holding the open window frame.

Finally arrived in Favara, one other nice guys show me the way to the shop (i followed him driving his car).

Then, the story starts to be long: there was a lot clients in the backyard of the shop.

And I know you want me to the point. The bad news: wrong color. In picture we started here:

To arrive there:

Many thanks to:


And sorry for you: the story continues…

And sorry to my bank account… 🙁

By Georges

Location:Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy,Favara,Italy

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