2012-06-10: Lunch….

10 Jun

I just like those days… And they are so contrary to the last days. I should not pronounce it: it’s really fine! Waking up with enough and good sleep, have a good conversation while breakfast with two Italian coffee (you can really get addicted to that aqueous extract) and then packing and see that the prediction were correct: mostly tail wind and beautiful working cranks. All together it feels like having an electrobike.. 😉
Dear universe: yes, please go on with that kind of wind :-))
Regarding the wind I’ve found a quite useful app: windfinder (the free version is enough). As wind is an important factor, it helps quite well on deciding where to cycle.
The church is closed due to maintenance:

Bush fires quite often

Our future? 😉

The driver …

No coke… Chino. Not really the same, less sugar (11%) havent found coffein… But coffee is planned

Pasta are coming:

By Georges


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