2012-06-11: Direction Etna…

11 Jun

So after later checkout, I first had to had a breakfast near the university. I heard from two German tourist that the Etna would be closed.
But that was one of my targets…
Than I lost more than an hour to ship the bottom bracket…
Finally, the ride started: the GPS not working anymore and the city is quite crowdy, it was not soo straight to get out. On the other hand I could so pass by the cemetery which beside the university quarter one of spot to see of Catania.
Then I arrived at Nicolosi were Dino and me slept four years ago. Good memories.. (“froddschi” *lol*)
I left the main street to Etna Sud to early following the MTB sign. It was a mistake: not done to ride up or at least not with the full bag I had.
Finally I mad it to join the direct route and after some long climbing arrived at Etna Sud where the cabel car starts and which if course I did not use.
The the visit to Dino and me ‘s first volcano on the Etna and bought diner and breakfast. For the next: breakfast and water for the journey is available at the top of cable car.
I wanted doing some additional positive meter and finding a nice for pictures and sleeping. The latest two were not compatibel so I arrived at the top station(2480m over sea).
Dino: congratulation! I was not able to cycle up and to push it…

The little house on the right will give a wind protection for the night:

The upper station, in the back a sunspot ideally to take some shoots:

Smoking Etna…

Dust on Etna…
(press on the link)

View from my bed:

The sound of nature at 2480m. Even with temperature just above cold better than 5stars and wine. (that location has uncountable stars…)
Press here to see/listen part of the night on the Etna..
(and even protected by the house)
By Georges

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  1. Thanks Peter!There is an issue with the blog app. I've anyway uploaded the videos to youtube, should be working now.

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