2012-06-18: Pompeii

18 Jun

Pompeii was a dream as child, as I read about it.
And as for Agrigento, I wanted to have my baby with me – just to to prevent it to be stolen.
A discussion with the small minded guards started…(mother are allowed to bring their child in buggies). At the end I had the choice of my bike eventually away or not fulling (yet) my dream. I gave up and locked my baby in front of the entrance where every one could see someone touching it.
Anyway: I’m sooooo glad! Pompei is just amazing. First because its conservation grade and the fact that the Roman at that time were quite advanced. In construction but as well in arts, especially in comparison with the ages more than then 1000 years later.
Just about the guard discussion:

Watch left and right before crossing….

And then I met Thierry from Nantes and could walk with him that huge site:

Amazing how those painting survived thousand of year below the ashes of the Vesuvio:

And all made of “kind of marbre”

And the search for a place to stay started. I wanted to be as close as possible to tomorrows next target… And landed luckily here:

Of one you can be sure: next time I’m at Pompeii or in the Napoli region, that will be for sure the place I will stay!!! *big cool* 🙂 🙂 🙂
Friendlyness, quietness, cleanness and even the kitchen was closed: perfect pasta con pomodore!!!
not “like” but LOVE


Location:Pompeii, Italy

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