2012: Crossing Italy for the Red Cross – Summary in numbers

31 Dec

And finally the summary of the numbers…

Spent to www.redcross.ch: 1’500 Swiss Francs


As the GPS had some issue in Sicilly, the numbers are rounded:

Total days:                          26
Days of cycling:                 23
Resting days:                        3 (incl. 1 day of: ferry, Agrigento, Scilla)
Total hours:                       176 h
Total climbing meters:       22’800 m
Max. climbing:                    2’565 m
Total Kilocalories:              57’500 kcal / 240’740 kJ
Total distance:                      2’500 km
Max. distance:                       158 km


Some of the positive key remembers:

[codepeople-post-map cat=”7″]

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