Winter ride on Helius AM and pimping Pinion P1.18

27 Dec

I must admit: I’m lazy about cleaning my bike. Sorry. 😉

That was one of the reason to choose the “raw” colour of the Nicolai Helius. And another reason for Pinion. But not the main one.


The Pinion P1.18 has many advantages I don’t want to go here again into details. Now in winter, I could add a small mud protection: Main goal is to prevent the direct mud landing on the chain and be pressed into the bearing of the rear suspension. Then, the chain tensioner should avoid to collect to much dirt. The chain will last longer, I will be able to cycle longer before everything is clogged and I will (or should) have less to clean.

Well, here the reason why I believe bikes can be “pimped”: with enough mud, your chain will not engage anymore. At least so it happened to me in Cuba:


A first prototype for the Pinion P1.18 could be that:








Back, top and down protected tensioner:

















2014-12-27_17-14-56_Pinion 2014-12-27_17-23-44_Pinion 2014-12-27_17-24-19_Pinion 2014-12-27_17-44-02_Pinion 2014-12-27_17-43-34_Pinion 2014-12-27_17-44-09_Pinion 2014-12-27_18-03-22_Pinion 2014-12-27_18-03-34_Pinion

































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