14th day: Ponte Chianale – Ceaglio Marmorera

29 Jul

I slept quite well until I woke up because of the feeling being hungry and hearing rain on the tent. In fact, some condensation was formed over night (I guess mainly because of not enough wind and my washed pants trying to dry in the tent. 

Therefor I waited until about 8:30 to wake up and went for breakfast. Well… Just some croissants and coffee. 

And then the whole packing started so that I wasn’t finished before 11am. 

I recon there are advantages to have a tent: you can sleep “every where” and you can sleep very at low price. 

The main disadvantages are:

If you have a tent…

  1. You need a “warmer” sleeping bag then just the hut sleeping bag. 
  2. You need a mattress to lay on.
  3. You need food for supper and breakfast.
  4. You needs to be sure that your battery will last at least two day (extra battery pack)
  5. Your backpack will be larger and heavier.
  6. You need more time in the morning to pack your stuff. 

I guess my next transalp will be without tent etc. 

I wanted to try an alternative to the route found in the Internet and decided to cycle the Val a Varaita di Bellino up and take the GTA U22 directly to the pass Bicocca, instead of cycling first all down and then taking the street up. Even if was only 4km of walking, they were quite steep. The bike was a lot on the shoulders. 

Looking to the sky wasn’t any promising as well: some dark clouds were obstruying the blue sky. I wasn’t sure if I would arrive dry on the top. 

Finally there, i felt all my muscles and decide to go straight to the Locanda Ceaglio were I wanted to have a resting day. 

In the evening, I could speak a bit with Rita from Germany. Well, here resting day is doing “only” 1800m of climbing tomorrow… Well, different scales, for sure!

As ever, the 6 courses supper were just fantastic!

Good night!


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