13th day Abries – Ponte Chianale

28 Jul

What another day….
After only one wake up in the night and a nice discussion with some French guests of the Gîtes Edelweiss, I started towards the first pass. Very nice climbing of only few percent on the road with nearly no traffic. After about 10km, the road is closed for traffic and you continue on a dirt underground. Some passages were over ten but mostly even for me doable until the end of the road. Then it changes into a trail. I decided to have lunch at the refuge, as it was written “1h25min” so I would arrive at 12h45. Pushing up the bike was quite easy. And even with some talks, I arrived at 12:15. Ok, the top part was some flat and half of it could be cycled. 🙂

After lunch, the main course was expected: I couldn’t see or guess any path into the wall 3km ahead of me. So I just had a try and went/cycled partially there. When I arrived at the lake (even one guy was swimming into it!!!) I understood that the next hour would be hard. Very hard. The first 200m were even possible to push the bike. But then, it had to be put on the back. Sometimes I had to search for the path, sometimes you had to cross some snow fields. I really don’t want to imagine anyone going there when neither visibility, temperature, dryness and wind are in perfect condition.

After the passo di Vallanta, there were two ways: one directly done but I wasn’t sure if possible to ride. I missed to ask some guys coming from the that possible direction. Sorry.
The other solution: heading towards Passo del Losetta. On the map just 70m higher.. But you go down first by 200m. Some parts are exposed, one very much: I nearly was thinking to walk it first without bike, then without bag. But the few meter were ok. Then, you arrive at the “foot” of the pass where you see the ancient military camp house rising around 150m above you. And a steep slope going up. Amazingly llama with people were walking down while I was fighting up.
Finally, I reached the top with an a m a z i n g view of the surrounding mountain. love
All thought, all doubts and all negative energy and sadness of the last week were just gone.

The trail down in the other side into the Val do Soustra was quite ok with some tricky but passages I preferred to walk.

Finally I pitched the tent in Camping of Ponte Chianale… Hopefully with a good night.




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