12th day: Oulx – Abries

27 Jul

The day started a bit later with breakfast as I once again could not sleep very well. Since now a week, I can’t remember of having good slept. 

Anyway, the day was to be nice. So I hoped as the weather outside was.  After breakfast I followed the  main streat to Cesana Torinese where I bought something for later to eat and some vitamins and salts. I’m sweating quite much and a drink a lot of filtered mountain water, which must contains few minerals. 

Then I followed the River Thure first on the road than on 4×4 road. Could be quite easy to cycle for many others as the slope was only 6-12%, which is on a long term quite an effort for my muscles and I prefer to walk with 4.5 – 5 km/h then over saturating my muscles at 5 – 5.5 km/h.  Unfortunately, I had my gloves attached again at the outside of the backpack. And lost one on the way up. So I locked the bike and walked down about 1.8km to walk it back up again. 

The closer you get to Col Thures, the steeper it is. Even so steep, that I couldn’t figure out, where the way to pass was. Following the trail on my open street map would have been better (but longer) to reach the top. The last 100m altitude were really damned hard. 

The downhill on the other side was quite ok to difficult. Luckily, the ground was dry. I prefer not imagining to trail there down when rainy. The path is at the same time where the water flows. So it’s quite tricky and on many time, i preferred to walk down a few meters.  Even so, I felt nearly two times and while taking a picture burnt my leg on the disc brake. 

Finally, I arrived at Abries where I found a friendly Gites (Edelweiss). 

Good night… 


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