11th day: Mont Cénis – Oulx

26 Jul

What a day…

The climbing to the Col Clapier was quite ok. To save some power, I walked more than needed. And the trail down towards Susa was reaaally cool – the exposed places make it a bit tricky. And since my stomach was strange from the morning, I was even more carful:

-Wouldn’t do it if rainy. The rocks and stones are already moving when dry.
-And I would follow the GPS track available on the net and stay on the open source hiking path.

Arrived at the barrage I missed the path Sant Antonio / Ramats. Regarding the map MAY BE the best alternative. For sure as long as the TAV ( kind of fast train aka TGV) is finished, DO NOT TAKE the Via Verde Val Susa or the Hiking Route VF. It will bring you to the tunnel of the TAV and you will have to go back all the way.

But: you after the (upwards) tunnel, you can take the walking path down to Giaglone and Susa. Quite funny (in case you know or don’t want to know if the one to Ramats is ok.

So after a huge power lost in the wood – even it was interesting to see the old stone houses in the forest – I arrived in Susa. May be because I still was in bad mood: not my city.

So I took the main road to the west…climbing every lost meter back… And even with a rain refreshment.
Just right after Exiles (big Fort there) there was another traffic jam for several km, just because of a traffic work and Sunday evening when people drive back to the planes and don’t want to spent some cents on the toll fee for the highway.

Finally, I arrived at Oulx… And was quite wondering to take the same B&B ran by the same English guy when I was here on a motorbike tour around 9 years ago!










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