10th day: Val d’Isère – Refuge du petit Mont Cenis

25 Jul

After a day off (nearly 4900m of climbing in two days) I started again towards the south just with the Col de l’Iséran and its 2770m. Luckily, I was already above 1800m.
The climbing is quite ok, never really more than 8%. Arrived at the top, I took a small lunch with a coffee and searched for the way down: on the mobile map, there was a hiking path. Unfortunately, it was not really possible to bike, at least for me. So I joined back the road down to the bridge where I tried again with a trail. The first 100m of the entrance are a bit tricky – in case you fall down, it going deep enough. So I was careful. But then the trail get much better. Two rock passages of about 15m each were to walk and some steeper parts where I was a bit unsure.
Finally, the trail came back to the road where I had to let it roll. First time I saw 74km/h when not being on the tandem.

Down the hill, the bad news was waiting for me: head wind for the next hours. And quite strong one as it funnelled in the valley. But the good news: for the col de Cenis you get the col de la Madeleine for free 🙂

On top of the Cenis, I was hoping to find quite shortly a place to put the tent. But I wanted to be close to water. But there were no such a place.

So now I have place my tent in front of the hut – not because of the price, but 1) fresh air 2) I have my tent and can/should use it 3) might be less noises outside.

Good news of the evening: less expensive crepes up to now: 2€ instead of 5 in Val d’Isère…


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