4th day to the Panixer pass

16 Jul

Today would be the first day of cycling with the sergeant drill master D. Since I was riding a few days alone, I was looking into having a company for some days. And one never knows: the journey can be quite short if it’s not matching.
But the first more challenging part was to have survived a night in a hotel room with temperature over at least 27C. Not easy to sleep.

So from Wesen the way was quite easy towards Elm. With a very gentle steepness of 3-5%, it’s a real nice region. In Elm there was some time for resting and buying some stuff for the night and breakfast.

And the direction of the Panzer-exercising place was set, which lead to the Panixer Pass ascend.

Pictures tell more than words. So in short:
1) the same cheese maker were here as when Dino rode (pushed) the first time here. And the cheese was still yammi! 🙂
2) I must confess that I have eliminated the bad memories of that climbing: snow field to be crossed and much much of pushing of the bike. Over 98%.

But finally, the pass was done and a nice evening could be enjoyed in the hut.

My first night in such a hut; my tent would have been more comfortable!



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