3rd day: from Wildhaus to Sergeant Drill Master D

15 Jul

The night was quite and I woke up earlier then expected for vacation. Breakfast was at 7:30 at the buffet. 

The evening before, I had tried to check any possible way to get on the top of the Churfirsten Mountains and pass to the Walensee on their other side. 

There was to possible ways. Chäserrugg (the “Cheesemaker’s back”) or Niedri (“lower”). I first set the target to Sattel, but after a while (and climbing of over 22% by pushing the bike) the chosen road was to be found to be ending as a small path into the forest. Finally, I came back on an official track and arrived for coffee and fresh milk on the alp.  

After I small discussion, I was quite confident to finalise my plan and continued the journey. Well, the road was not only climbing but as well descending. 🙁

After few km’s, the road changed to a walking track with blocks to lift the bike up each time. 

Several km’s before reaching the Sattel, a bifurcation was showing left towards Niedri and right to the Sattel, where the latest was blocked by three stubborn cows. 

It was not early in the day, so I changed the plan and chose the way to Niedri. The mountain path was getting more and more smaller and blocked. At the end I even had to climb with the bike on my back. 

The top of the mountain did offer a beautiful view over the Walensee and reaching that point was making one quite happy. 

The way down was not as expected: less steep but the ground/stones much looser with less possibilities to slow down. The inevitable happened: I felt and got some small hitches on legs and left shoulder. But nothing dangerous. 

Arriving down the steep part of the hill, it was time for lunch. Here again the very friendly tenant gave me some tips – I was confident to reach Wesen in the evening. 

The road was ok. At a given point I could even see some wing suits flying over me. Really freaky. 

Later, I took may be the wrong way to the higher path: more lifting of the bike, more walking. 

And finally I could join back the MTB road. Be careful: only open from 9-15h. As it was later and I never would image to back off, I had to continue. Oh: and some ships on the lake Walensee don’t take MTB on boards!

So in the evening I finally arrived happy but exhausted in Wesen to met my Drill Sergeant D – DSD for the blog. 






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