7th day: Furka – Sierre

21 Jul

The rain and wind stopped at midnight. And as it was my first night in the tent, I preferred to watch how it was doing into the wind. 

The sunrise waked me up before 6am. The first motorbikes were riding before 8am. 

After breakfast at the Furka pass, I choose  the best alternative to the road down into the Wallis. The walking path was a perfect mountain bike trail ❤️❤️❤️

Some first nearly flat old road and then very nice trail. 

In Oberwald, lunch was open: apricot pie and coffee.. Very nice!

Then the MTB Road down to Brig, and then to Sierre via the cycling way and the highway in construction. 

And in Sierrre after 98.2km of fun, I took the train to join my mother at lake Geneva. 

My bro had won a ticket for the next day : Robbie Williams was on board!!

























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