8th day: Martigny to Italy

22 Jul

After two days of resting (Robbie Williams at Paléo), I continued the road from Martigny to Italy. 
While climbing towards the nice Lac Champex, I met Guillaume and Albin (http://albin.travelmap.fr), two nice guys cycling from Paris to Rom. We spent the lunch together (thanks for the coffee guys!) and they took a short bath. I knew that rain would welcome me in the Alps – I preferred to stay dry for now. 
We said good bye as they were cycling towards le col du Grand St Bernhard while I choose the Grand Ferret. 
Short after the last hut, the rain started its work. Just the last 3 kilometres… And strong enough to wash all the sand on my legs into the shoes which were drained. The motivation sunk very low – especially since the Drill Sergeant D was not here anymore. 💔
Arriving on the top of col Ferret, I started to look for a place to put the tent. But:
1) a group of Japanese hikers wanted to do the same and the wind/rain were quite strong. First, I decided to leave the place and find a more comfortable place (less cloudy, less windy).
While riding down, I started to feel how good the rain had done its work. I was totally wet. I needed a shower and somewhere to dry my clothes and the shoes!
What I good decision: the rain was really hunting me. Just arrived at a small hotel, thunder and lightning joined the party. I am happy to be now in a warm bed….
Thanking for the good decision and thinking on many topics…





















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