Thoughts about choosing a bike

20 Mar

There a many bike brands out there. Where to start?


  • Steal: pro
    • can be weld easier world wide(if not to thin)
    • price
    • not to hard to ride
    • will may be first bent, then crack
  • Steal: contra
    • need protection (painting) against oxidation
    • can only be repaired, if the steel is not to thin
    • sometimes to soft
  • Aluminum:pro
    • don’t need oxidation protection
    • strong
    • can be weld world wide – but need a additional knowledge
    • price
  • Aluminum: contra
    • can crack (before bending)
    • need additional knowledge for welding
  • Carbon: pro
    • allows perfect design
    • strong
  • Carbon: contra
    • can’t be repaired
    • price
    • calling for stealing
  • Titanium: pro
    • no oxidation
    • flexible and strong
    • no protection needed (no scratch)
    • understatement
  • Titanium: contra
    • need advanced knowledge to weld (but can be repaired with glas fibre)
    • price
    • Thieves: only if they recognise the value


There are two ways: either chain (Shimano, SRAM or other) or belt (Carbon gates, ContiDrive, …).
Chains are available everywhere and need to be care of nearly daily: clean & lubrication. Everything gets oily and black.

Carbon Gates last long and don’t need to be lubricated. They are difficult to be found world wide and not compatible with derailleurs.

No derailleur anymore:


good quality bikes: /

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