Travel insurance needed?

20 Mar

Travelling around can need some insurance.

Depending on where you live and if/where you are registered, you might be interested in an insurance. At least for the first months or years.

Unfortunately, some of the insurance are only valid for resident of given country. To be checked!
Regency for Expats (w/o USA: 894$; 03.06.2017)

Travelsecure (Wuerzburger): about 405 € (w/o USA) (20.3.2016)

World Nomad: about 900€ (w/o USA) (20.3.2016)

Word Escapade: 1200€ (w/o USA) (20.3.2016)

Hanse Merkur: about 420€ (w/o USA) (20.3.2016)

International Medical Group / Patriot America: about 600€ – 1200€ (w/o USA, depending of deductible) (20.3.2016)

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