2013-06-08 News from first test ride

8 Jun

The first tests with the aluminium right angles if the trailer were ok. The next step was to optimise it and make something more durable, stable and lighter. And something that fit to the Nicolai Helius…

The Nicolai Pinion Helius needed some modification:
– thicker seat post (30.9mm iD)
– stronger lower tube
– Modification of the Fox-Damper adapter, to allow the 1 liter bottle.

Originally, it was the Aevon-Trailer: the changes are
– new nice 26″ and 135mm wide rear “fork”
– more holes, two lower the trailer by about 4cm (can be raised to about 13cm if not enough place)
– longer connection tube to fit to the bike.
=> 9kg vs 8kg original (wheel incl wheel).

First off-road tour…

Even good climbing: 17kg bike, 9kg trailer, 19 kg water… and some little addition stuff.

Enough place to take the stairs?


It would need higher position of the damper!

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