Bike: Trailer or not?

14 Nov

Hi all,
that first blog is about the arguments pro and contra having a trailer when voyaging by bike.
Pro Trailer:
+more charge can be loaded ->more water, more food…

+load is better loaded on the bike: 80kg human + 50kg food/stuff is on more than two wheels
+compatibility with full suspension bike (when two wheeled):
     1) it is not possible to load weight on the back wheel (non suspended mass smashes suspension)
     2) one wheeled trailer swing from left to right which is enhanced by fully-articulation and damages the suspension/articulation
+the bike gets long…can be seen as protection from behind cars
+more attention with people

Contra Trailer
-more weight (at least about 8kg, just for the trailer)
-less stability: a lowrider (front packing) brings stability, a trailer brings more resistance to side wind
-more capacity = more not needed stuff
-more rolling resistance
-one wheel: not compatible with fullies
-two wheels: large and not in the same line of the bikes’ tires
-not possible to cary bike & trailer up (in the room, in the hotel, upstairs…) -> need a person of trust

here you might find an altenative that could fit with your full suspension bike:

to be continued…


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