Finding direction and maps…

14 Nov

Hi all,
when traveling abroad, you will get often much controversy information, about where to go. The best would be to be best prepared, which removes part of the fun….
here my favorites:

On the go: (for iPhone and androids) can be saved on the device. A free account is recommend to remove part of unwanted maps to free some memory on the device.

On the PC/Mac:

+Google Earth… just perfect! right-click on your path and “show profile” (see max slope, total pos.meters…)
+Mac: Garmin RoadTrip
+Bike route toaster: Direction (as well for bike) including elevation profile!!Can be download to Garmin

+Open Source maps:
+Combination of Google-Maps and Google Earth (or with your GPS-Device)

On the go:
+Garmin Edge 705 (year 2009…) and
+iPhone App:, Bike Route, Swiss Hike, SwissPeaks, Google Earth
+Good maps: e.g. Swisstopo
-not recommended: Know-how Chile 2009 map

Help from Nature:

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