Travelling: trailer vs panier?

4 Nov

Since now over one year, something was starting to grow in my mind: Best of three worlds for travelling by bike

+Travelling by bike and carrying stuff
+Be allowed to do some MTB while the tent is set up
+Extend the possibility of the Rohloff-Bike

That is the result from my travelling through the Andes (bike with trailer) and across Australia (bike with bags).

As I wrote in another post, the advantage of the trailer:
+ more place
+ weight on three wheels
+ possibility to use a suspension bike
+ with 26” trailer wheel: spare wheel
+ with 26” trailer wheel: less friction
– a trailer is additional weight.
– more place = more not really needed stuff could be carried
– cannot be transported at once.
– with small trailer wheels: not ideal on sand

The advantage of the pannier bike:
+ more compact (can be lift at once, e.g. on a truck, into a room etc)
+less weight
– no suspension (especially for corrugated piste)
– no fun when cycling on resting days
– not ideal in sand

2011: crossing Australia and collecting funds for WWFP1020781-704621image-784166

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