30 Dec

During my trip into the Andes, I had enough time to think about trailer and MTBs. Very simplified there is 2×2 matrix:

1) wheel: one vs two
2) fixation: at the axis of the rear wheel vs seat post

1) two wheels mean not stable at full speed and larger. And they never follow the wheels of the bike (e.g. when you try to avoid glasses or have to push on a small path)
2) fixation on the rear axis means: no full suspension bike! Because it makes your rear wheel very heavy (no suspension effect)
When combining one wheel and fixation at the rear wheel of the bike: extra amount stress for the suspension bike.
Therefore, my idea was confirmed by those videos:
The only disadvantage comparing to the one other solution from is the missing large wheel…
The builder of the Aevon did not want to “invest” into my idea. After some email, it came out that the look&design were one of the reason why they went with the small one. I bought the largest one (demo-version) to be sure of having enough room and with the idea of modifying it:
Result of the first test, which was convincing:
Now a final version need to be done… later!

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