2011-03-15 One cent per kilometer… collecting drop to form a glass of water

15 Mar
Hi all
Since I took the decision to cross Australia by bike, some changes happened:
– Australia was visited by strong storms and big fires.
– North African country started to manifest again their leadership.
– Japan is now fighting against the results of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power.
Therefor I wanted to add a little drop and rise some funds for a nature relevant project. So I created that blog. I’m very happy that my dearest Franziska was “ok” to let me go in April and for the spiritual strength she gives me.
And another important point: I am very glad to work for my employee (www.brechbuehler.ch), which allows me :
1) to work part time.
2) to be able to follow my project crossing Australia.
That is not usual on the Swiss market and I ‘m really thankful for it!
As NGO, I’ve chosen WWF to work with. The first idea was to work with the Australian one, which came out to be quite difficult. So I changed to the Swiss WWF, which opened a project for me.
So, if you would like to motivate me for some more extra kilometers (per bike only), you can write me an email or post a message about your contribution. One cent, one dime, one quarter or if you want one dollar or more per kilometer. Every thing is nice. A glass of water is made of drops. I’m collecting the drops.
My goal for 2011 is to reach Cairns from Melbourne.. the time is limited to 4.5 weeks. So you will not be ruined… 😉 I will try to put the daily kilometers on a regular basis and depending from the internet coverage on my other blog:
You don’t need to send me money. I’m trusting you and your word. I only wish a feedback that will motivate me. And for Swiss people/companies: you can deduce the amount from the taxes! 🙂
Therefor please send your amount directly to:
Project 4598.1
WWF Suisse
CH-8010 Zurich
Postal account: 80-58957-3 / Payment reason (Project): “4598.1”
Bank information:
Project 4598.1
Zürcher Kantonalbank
8010 Zürich, Clearing Nr. 700,
IBAN: CH6600700110000204481
For question, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Cheers and thanks in advance,

5 Replies to “2011-03-15 One cent per kilometer… collecting drop to form a glass of water

  1. Many thanks Karin to you too!As you know: every drops count! And I cross the fingers that you soon will find a new job… ;-)Thanks again! Georges

  2. Hi GeorgesAs a biologist and WWF member I am in as well! I think it is a great thing what you do!!! At the moment I can offer to pay 1 cent per kilometer.You know I just finished an education and am currently looking for a job. In case I have a new job soon, I will of course enhance the rate :-)!All the best to Australia,Karin

  3. Cool Rocket-g.!Thank you very much! :-)Will come back to you soon per Email.And of course for you (and the other readers): If you have mates (Australian for "kind of friend" / amigos) at work or in private who want to participate, all are welcome ;-)Cheers, Georges

  4. We are supporting this Project, because we believe that giving the room to our employees to have the opportunity to do such actions does strengthen their personality and it is also an opportunity for us as company to improve new models for employee management and motivation.As this Project does financially support the WWF, Brechbühler AG does support the Project financially too.As of 33 employees we pay 0.33 Cents per Kilometer as George’s plan is to make an estimated 3’000 Km this would end up at CHF 990.00 for a good cause.Peter Pichler, CEO

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