Start is nearing: you can do something!

15 Mar

Hi all
time is passing fast; the start of the journey is nearing.
Since I took the decision to cross Australia by bike, some changes happened:
– Australia was visited by strong storms and big fires.
– North African country started to manifest again their leadership.
– Japan is now fighting against the results of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power.

Therefor I wanted to add a little drop and rise some funds for a nature relevant project. So I created another blog:
I’m very happy that my dearest Franziska was “ok” to let me go in April and for the spiritual strength she gives me. Thank you so much <3 <3 <3 🙂

I am very glad to work for my employee (, which allows me :
1) to work part time.
2) to be able to follow my project crossing Australia.
That is not usual on the Swiss market and I ‘m really thankful for it!

As NGO, I’ve chosen WWF to work with. The first idea was to work with the Australian one, which came out to be quite difficult. So I changed to the Swiss WWF, which opened a project for me.

So, if you would like to motivate me for some more extra kilometers (per bike only), you can write me an email or post a message about your contribution. One cent, one dime, one quarter or if you want one dollar or more per kilometer. Every thing is nice. A glass of water is made of drops. I’m collecting the drops.
My goal is to reach Cairns.. the time is limited to 4.5 weeks. So you will not be ruined… 😉
You don’t need to send money to me. I’m trusting your word and only wish a feedback to motivate me. And for Swiss people/companies: you can deduce the amount from the taxes! 🙂
Therefor please send any amount directly to:

Project 4598.1
WWF Suisse
CH-8010 Zurich

Postal account: 80-58957-3 / Payment reason (Project): “4598.1”

Bank information:

Zürcher Kantonalbank
8010 Zürich, Clearing Nr. 700,
IBAN: CH6600700110000204481
For question, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Cheers and thanks in advance,


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