10th day: to Vienna, 108 + 54km;385 climbing meters 

16 Sep

The night at the camping was quite good, event quite close to the street. He morning humidity was still there, we were close to the water site. 

I wanted to recharge one of my Swissbatteries.com and put it in the showers having there the only plug. 

After breakfast and packaging everything together, we left in direction of Krems through the Wachau. And it started very well: with a nice tail wind. 

Arriving in Krems, we decided to have a coffee…. where I realised that I did forget my battery…. after a short brain storming, the only solution for me was to get back there without any luggage. Adding 54km to the planned 108km. 

Arriving in Vienna, we cycled in direction to my friend Robert who was happy to let us sleep at his place. After going out for supper, we walked a bit around and could finally go bed…

🙂 happy to have seen him again (-:

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