9th day, to Aggsbach Markt, 120km, 185 climbing meters

15 Sep

Some camping guest do not really know that they could disturb others when their alarm is in snooze between 6am and 7:15…

We left Linz slowly but already with strong head wind. And when there is wind near the Danube, there is seldom possibility to hide due to its large dimension.  

After a while, we were joined by a group of seniors who went cycling togehter. One had an eBike, while the other had a normal bike. Seven people in front of a heavy bicycle like we had were very nice. So we could cycle very gently at a pulse of nearly 64% and 24km/h instead of 72% and 21km/h. 

Unfortunately for us, the group decided to have a break while we weren’t ready for it. So we continued at as lower pace. 

Later, we crossed the Danube by cycling ferry (had to wait quite long) and had afterwards a coffee and sweets. We knew that the wind would make it a harder day. 

Half an hour later we could buy some stuff for lunch and waited until we passed the 65km. We found it quite pleasant to know that after lunch, less than before lunch has to be done. 

The landscape was really nice, remembers me a bit of the Rhein-valley in Germany, between Mainz and Koblenz. 

The last 20km were a bit harder. But with the help of a copy of sugar free CocaCola and later with diluted apple jus, the goal was reached.

In the morning, I had to take that picture, because I was thinking of buying a pan for special purposes. 

After todays fresh air, the nice sun and many thoughts I have resigned to buy one. It would currently not fit…

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  1. Geht ja ganz gut vorwärts bei euch:-) Wünsche euch ein bisschen weniger Gegenwind:-) LG, M

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