8th day, to Linz

13 Sep

The day at the camp ground started slowly… The tent couldn’t really dry and we left quite early. 

Arriving just before Passau, we could see two ships entering in the passage… Quite impressive. 

In Passau, we met the Inn coming from Switzerland…. Bought some stuff for lunch and had breakfast. 

We continued on the left side of the Danube, and just in case: there is a nice camping site in the valley of the Ilz, 500m after Passau. 

After some kilometres, we left Germany to enter Austria and saw the change of the landscape, when the Danube is more in a kind of a Valley.

We continued to the end of the road, where one must cross the river by boat. 

After lunch, two strange (lately it came out friendly) cyclist overpassed us with their special bikes… 😉

Finally, after more and more front wind did slow us down… But we finally arrived at Linz and to the small, nice Pleschinger Lake. 

Resting and admin day…


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