14th day: leaving Budapest; 125km, 100 climbing metres

22 Sep

After short shower during the night, we woke up with a slightly cloudy sky, while the clouds more and more disappeared. 

Getting out of a larger town isn’t always the easiest… and finding a not very well marked cycling way even worse. 

Time have definitively changed: road are bumpier, signs are less present, and the buildings gets less luxury. 

Because of all the bumps and roads cutting the cycling way, we couldn’t really get on speed. 

But with the time, the city vanished and we found ourself on the land road with sometimes less sometimes more traffic. 

Because some Danube-Track are so bad (would need a MTB or go very, very slowly), we went back on the road. 

We had then lunch at a side arm of the Danube were a lot of people have one chalet or house side by side and on the other side of the road a Danube access for fisihing. Some with boats, some were little houses and the some of the more luxury versions. Just as were finishing lunch, the other Swiss guy from Geneva stopped by… it was the fourth time we have seen him. 🙂

Many villages have two, three or even four churches…and none in very good condition. 

As we could often cycle on the dam, it was quite impressive to see how wide the Danube plain was: just flat in nearly all direction. 

Finally, we arrived at a closed camp ground, and could have a room for two. I’m still not sure, if the camping would have been open…

Supper was quite simple: beers (lemon beers for me) to drink, some kind of cheese bread, peanuts and some chocolate…. 🙂

Remembering Luna…R.I.P.

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