15th day: to Mohacs; 103.5km, 86 climbing metres

23 Sep

I never was a fan of sleeping with open windowsand neither to wake up because of coldness in a room. I should have use may sleeping bag. 

We were hoping to find early a place to have breakfast, so I had only a sort Instant coffee. That was another mistake, after no stretching and bad eating in the evening before. 

We had first to cycle round 5km back as was indicating my map: a German speaking local said “my” road would not work. Did he ever used it? We will never know….  

After a few days with tailwind, riding without it and on a main road with more traffic and damaged surface makes it quite difficult. We left for a while the Danube to meet it in the evening again and crossed it before arriving in Mohacs. 

The region is quite agrarian and chilies/paprika seems to be quite a favourite plant including the air drying below their roof. 

We were quite exhausted and disappointed that all the camp ground on the map were non-existent or more than closed that we took a hotel and went out for supper. 


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