3rd day: to Ulm – 104km, 385m of climbing 

7 Sep

Today we needed some more time to get ready. Ok. I guess not “we” but more I. 

We finally left the camping around 10am with some uncertainties if we would get an ealry shower (rain) or not. 

But nope…we were lucky beside of the head wind.  

The road was quie nice, with two unnecessary climbing of 22% and 18%. Sometimes it’s just not really comprehensible how ingenieurs are planing those cycling paths. Either without being in place. Or(and) with some commissioning from local restaurants and hotels. 

We were hoping to find a camping ground around Ulm but we’re not lucky. Heinz did spend us a night a cheap hotel. Thanks a lot: we have got each a solo room. 

Would have prefer to share it with a fry pan as being solo… Well… Will be a nice night as well. Hopefully. 😉


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