2nd day: to Sigmaringen; 87km, 447climbing meter 

6 Sep

The day started cool and foggy after a dream full night of stuff to get rid off and the need of a fry pan (insider (-;). The tents were humid, but neither wind nor sun would want to dry them. So we packed them wet adding half or more kilo to the package. 

After a short coffee and some knackers, we headed in direction of the Danube. The landscape with the sun try to burn through the fog was delicious – even the glasses where collecting even more fog. 

But then the blue sky with little clouds came out. We had some breakfast and coffee and followed the Danube road. 

Interestingly, the Danube disappear for some km from the Surface: you really stand in its former bed in summer/fall when there isn’t much water flowing. 

The rest of the road is mainly surround by wall and columns of rock formed by the water over the years. And in the top of those walls, many different castles can be seen.  

We met some Swiss, German, French and Ungarish people – all cycling in different direction and with different goals. 

In Sigmaringen we found a camping where we could dry the tent, have a shower and even put something on the grill. 

Now after a nice and easy cycling day, we are going back to our tent and are ready for good night. Hopefully…. Even it won’t be as nice as last weekend.. (-;



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