First day: Meeting Heinz

6 Sep

After a long goodbye north of Zurich, the weather was feeling like me: sad, gray and rainy. But I had to meet Heinz in Schaffhausen so I needed to cycle those 26km in rain. 

If I remember correctly, it was the first time during an “official” trip that I had that much rain. 

Heinz arrived at 9h15 as discussed while i had already 15min more time to dry myself. The rain stopped as forecasted at about 10h45. So we left at 11 towards the north: Germany. 

Main cycling attraction of the day where the 15-18% climbing with all the package. But we arrived finally at the camping of Donaueschingen  with plenty of time to step up the tent, take a shower and cycle into “town” to the Danube source and eat something. On the way back, we went to where the Danube is born from the Brigach and Breg. 

Good night!

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