Friday, 15th of April: Passing Stonehenge (129km)

15 Apr

Not perfect wind…but not bad

Today I changed my way: first get out of the tent and then have breakfast. It seems that I could save some time as I was on the bike already at 8h50 (ok, I woke up around 7h).

After packing everything, I started the journey… and arrived at a “look at”: an aborigenal well were in ancient time (may be now as well) people could get water. 50x50cm and about 50cm deep with I guest 25cm of water into it. No, I haven’t taste.. the few”young” frogs did stop of doing it.
I continued my way until I arrived at my first goal: Stonehenge for lunch. I had to learn, that in ancient time, they was effectively a “stonehenge” like in England. But because somebody needed stone to built the road…. 🙁 what a shame.
Just before a left, Judy from the Pub donated me 10 AU$… THANKS A LOT! And thanks as well for the müesli! :-)The wind was not “perfect toda”: even being strong, it came from the side (about 90°) so I could not really get some free speed. But the good point: it was at least not from forehead! 🙂
And may be 20km later, a white car stopped some meter ahead of me and an “unnamed” older person got out of the passenger site. He said: “somebody who drive for a good cause from Melbourne to Cairns has to be thanks” and gave me 20AU$. He just wanted to give something…
The  more I was looking back the more the weather started to be dark. So as I reached my goal of >120km and it hadn’t started yet raining, I looked about two hours earlier for a place to set the tent.
Now I’m waiting a little bit for dinner (putting some cream on the part I’m sitting up to 7 ours a day…. and will go to sleep… 🙂
Cheers, Georges

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