Thursday, 14th of April: Leaving Windorah (108km)

15 Apr

One tire less…

Yesterday’s resting day was good.. I felt much better when standing today morning. Even the garbage people did empty the container between 6h45 and 7h15… what a nice morning.

But then I could have breakfast at the Windorah pub and motel as thanks for the installing of the wireless yesterday. I said good-bye to all after having got a nice cream-apple-pie for the lunch. 🙂
When leaving Windorah, I could again have a look at the solar plant.. cool stuff! The road was easy to the north in direction of Jundah. On the way, there was some few trucks and cars, from which one did stop. A couple of “old” (sorry (-:)people asking me some questions and we had a little chat. At the end, they asked me if I needed some water – but I had about 22 liters and didn’t need more. They gave me some fruit, which was very kind. The road was nice, with some nice trees, birds and landscapes.
After 55km I had a break for lunch and ate the apple pie in the shadow of some trees. After half an hour, I left again. 35km later, the bike started to make some strange noise. Like if there would be a stone on the tire. I couldn’t find out what it was and continued. Few kilometers I saw what it was: it remembered me a bad experience from Chile. The tire was starting to be destroyed itself. Later, it even started to touch the chain stay. I was just hoping to be able to reach Jundah before the tire would loose all the air and put there the spare one.
First thing to do was to bux a lemon drink… I was thirty! Then I started to change the tire. After a while, the “crew” from the Windorah-pub back from Longreach. They kindly helped me to bring my stuff to the council (where the town repair and built stuff for the road), where I could have some compressed air because the pump seems not to be working perfectly as in the last week. Before leaving, the crew gave me some cookies :-))) for my next lunch and used the opportunity to correct the chain tension.
At 17h30 I left again, bought some cheese and continued for 30min in direction of Stonehenge. Now, I’m sitting in the tent, listening to the Concerto in Mosquito Number 333 outside…. and wait until the rice is cooked.
Bon appétit et bonne nuit

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