Saturday, 23th of April: leaving The Flynd (105km)

23 Apr

Nice “Crest”…

This was the third night in the row of bad sleeping – only few hours – still mainly due to personal stuff. After a little breakfast at the restaurant with lot of coffea, I had a talk about how the day would be (flat or not etc) and went back to the tent to pack everything. At once, I had strange feeling in the stomach and had to watch not to fall. After some deep respiration, I could calm myself.
It took ages to get ready and finally left at later then 10h. All the morning, my stomach was strange which gets me concentrating on it and less power into the legs. Some later I needed a break – just in time before a nice, long crest taking me from approx 550 to 980m. Very nice landscape with a lot of three that had a second life: just the trunk who did not want to give up and started to grow green again.
I finally ended in putting my tent in the Forty Mile Scrub National Park 20m away from the main road, just 5m away from a fence saying to report any crime to a phone number. I was tent to by-pass it – but had a bad feeling. 5 minutes later, I knew why: a car and two (“dangerours” looking like) dogs passed on the other side as part of a control. On the other hand: a saturday evening should be quite on the road… we will see.
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