Friday, 22th of April: To The Lynd (134km)

22 Apr

My first accident…

Because the emotional issues at home are/were not solved, I had again a bad night with waking up to often and bad dreamings. When it started to light up, I decided not wait anymore, so I stood up at 6h45, had breakfast and was on the wheels two hours later – as usual. I cannot make it faster… am I like a women when travelling? 😉
(ok, I don’t have a bathroom with a mirror, neither a hair dryer) That time I have a reason: I ‘ve my first termits: about 2cm long ants with kind of big teeth on the head.
So the ride was quite good, I wanted to make a stop after 30-40km when the bad road not suitable for 2WD (as said yesterday by light message when leaving Hughenden: after 165km). I thought to look how the road will then “change” and what to do with a nice rest.
The problem was easy: neither after 30, nor 40 or 50 and even not after 60km the road did have a “big” change. All the time down and some up. Therefore, I decided to have a break near a river (and wash my shirt). Just when I finished the washing, I car arrived so I asked them about the road. “Naaaa mate, ool the roood is good up tooo hieee”. That was the good news! I could first think of having a break and even made the ride to “The Lynd” in two instead of three days. And no pushing… hehe Bicycle! 🙂
After the break – sleeping was not possible – I continued the road. Some creek arrived… the first one was full and passed just by pulling up the feed (I had the closed shoes as I was prepared for some pushing during the day). The second the same. For the third one, I first waited a car to pass and gained some speed to do the same as with the others. Well, not really: The ground was as sleepy as on ice and slightly inclined with the result that I took a bath. Luckily, I had the helmet because I felt a little shock on my left side of the head. And luckily twice: as the ground was sleepery, I had not scratches on the legs or arms.
The car that had passed drove back and asked if everythink was ok – which I could positively answer. I continued my way, just wet. The good side of the story: I have had a shower, the shirt was now nicely cooling me in the warm sun.
For the next river crossing, I changed the shoes, because that was more than 20m and up to 20cm deep. I could see some little fishes and fortunately no crocodiles… 🙂
When I wanted cross the next time, a couple of Japanese came with a 2WD and were first very crazy about their own “crossing” and then about mine: “Ohhh, ol the wai frrom Melbourne? Ohhh”. 😉
The last 40km were harder as thought, but I wanter a burger and chips, no pasta. The road has felt in total from about 950 to 500m over sea level, but all the time some litte ups and down. Just the last approx. 10 km there were at least 15 hills (20-50m). Every time you up there you hope it is the last and then you see at least one or even more…
But finally I did it and had burger, chips (Pommes (frites)) two juices and a chocolate drink as dessert. And the a waaaarm shower! 🙂
Ready now for good night… hopefully better!
Cheers, Georges

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