Thursday, 21th of April: leaving Hughenden (134km)

21 Apr

After a bad night due to some emotional issues at home – yep, not everything is best as well when you are travelling – the wake up was early: I still was at the ugly caravan park of Hughenden.

Anyway. I took a shower, had breakfast and got the stuff I could charge over night from the “lodge” of one of the worker I met the last days. He friendly thought I could use it. When I came out, the house dragon (I assume she owns the caravan park) made a scene about me in the lodge of someone else. She even not listen what I had done. I was bad. I assume you know what I’m thinking of such a person, which never thought about a geste of kindness from the beginning (even for having a plug to charge my computer would have been against money!!).
Anyway… I left the ground and headed to a gas station: I wanted to add some sealant to my tire… just to be some more safe.
Then I left Hughenden towards the Porcupine Gorge National Park. The road was very nice, some back wind, going up very smoothly. At the Gorge, I went to the lock-out: beautiful view!
As it was only 14h / 65km, I decided not to go to the camp ground. First, because there was nothing to buy (water etc), second because it would be 2x17km more on you book 😉 and finally because I wanted to head up north: I knew the road from Hughenden to The Lynd Junction was 250km and from kilometer 165, only 4wd car would be allowed. It is what was written when leaving Hughenden. So every kilometer done today would simplify the next two.
A truck did slow done and lowered the window, asking what I was doing (he was a road worker). After telling him, I asked if he might have a fresh/cool drink, because my coke was starting to be more warm then anything. Thanks for the cool Pepsi!:-))
At 16h, a bad thing happened: I lost my 10 oranges, because I had not attached them well on the bike. I felt bad… I kind of needed to give me some “head” energy, especially for the afternoon when I stop dope myself with coke.
I was looking for some fruit juice and started asking cars. I mean: the two cars that I met. The first one only some rest of water and gave it to me. I was thanksful and said to them, they could keep the oranges some kilometers ahead as they are fresh. Just when they left, the other car stopped and I asked the same question. She spend me a whole bottle of coke and said, I could wait at the entrance of the property 5 km (in fact: 10, but I understand that is difficult to guess the distances) ahead and she would bring me some fruits.
Just before arriving there, I heard a car from the back which was making sounds. A went to the side and looked back again. I thought it was the second car, but in facts, it was the first one: they had collected the oranges and drove all the way back to me: about 20km!!! And then thy felt sorry not to have more to share. So kindly! :-)))
Then I continued until I arrived at the “meeting” point. Even I had now my oranges back, I did not want to let the women wait for nothing. She brought me more then a kilo of fresh clementines and some water to fill up. And when I ment fresh: five minutes before, they were still on the three!! 🙂 Thanks to you too!
So I continued… I had 105km and it was 16h30. The road was dirt but hard. So quite nice to drive. Another car came from the front and started to slow done… so did I. Inside of the car: A couple, children and I guess the grand-pa. The man started to talk and was amazed what I was doing just by seeing the little card I have in the front of the bike:
                               MEL -> CAIRNS
                                  4 CHARITY
Believe me, you can’t read it when you are driving… but he had a was very nice. He said with a big smile, someone should give me a medal for what I were doing;-). In fact, he gave me the medals: two cans of cool sweet lemonade and the coins he had about two dollars. You know, it is not only the money that made that stop and the other one special. The people thank you and especially they are interested of where I was and what I have seen. For them, it is another world and they appreciate that. Just seeing their smiles on their faces is a thank and motivate as well for the extra mile.
So after 134km I found some where in the forest a little path where I have set up the tent. I am enjoy the second can of cold lemonade and the fruits.
Let’s haves some pasta with red curry sauce!
Thanks for the day…
See you,

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