Sunday, 17th of April: Leaving Longreach (133km)

18 Apr

Back on the road…
What a nice pleasure to sleep again in a real bed. Even I woke up at 3 in the morning and could not good sleep again, I had slept well and stood up at 7h15 for breadfast. Hmmm scrambled eggs with ham, Muesli and good coffee! 🙂

Then I started to pack some parts but wanted first to recenter my back wheel after the “bam” of yesterday.
Finally, everything was set up and I could left after thanking again very much Annette & Coralie for their generous behaviour.
The road to Winton (180km apart) was easy: just north west. In a car you would think flat. In fact, it is between 100 and 200m to go up (look at the link below). My goal wasn’t to reach Winton, because 180km would be to much for the legs. I wanted something between 120 and 140 km to split the next two days to Hughenden and not overtake myself. In fact, it came out that the problem was more “where” then “when”, because the road is between two fences and to the fence there is at least 5m of grass of 20 to 30 cm height. And if I don’t have to meet a snake or spider, I wouldn’t mind.
And then I arrived at the rest area which is 48km before Winton… just perfect. I met a couple that by-passed me before with there Caravan and boat (on the roof of the car). We had some discussion about where they are heading (9 weeks of vacation for fishing in the northern Territories), what I am doing etc. They had jus and some last aperitif they spended to me. Very kind! 🙂
Now I am preparing some rice (waiting until cooked) and will go asleep.
Cheers, Georges

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