Monday, 18th of April: passing Winton to Corfield (134km)

18 Apr

Hi all

The night was quite good, even some late arrivers making some noise.

After the repetivive matinal proceedure, I started on the road. Great morning: the wind was pushing me quie good towards Winton. I had decided to check there, if I could get a spare tire and buy water and coke. Coke being a quite “good” doping agent… it helped me well in the last days. I just have to besure, that I don’t use to late into the day to be sure that I can sleep in the night.

Arrived in the nice Town of Winton I first cycled in direction of the information who told me to try at the “Central Motors”. There, Ros did a great job helping first trying to get a shop in Townsville (Ros did not have that kind of tubeless tire) and then putting me in contact with Shawn, the driver of a cargo company. After 1 hour approximatively, everthing was set up.
Here I would as well like to thanks Ken and Simon from who made some efforts and reduced the price. And again, I will add the saved money at the end as my financial contribution to the WWF and round the summ up.
I could go eat something and then started for the 2nd part: after 50km there was now about 80km waiting for me.
Nice landscape with some little hills / old rocks and nice vegetation. The road just mainly always getting up. But the wind was helping a little bit (not as good as in the morning) or at least not working against me.
Finally, I arrived at Corrfield where I first wanted to have a cold drink at the pub. The freezer and other stuff like that were working, but no one were there.
I went to a neighbour to ask if somebody was there. We had a chat about my bike and my project. Unfortunately, I was to shy to ask direct for a cold drink. Don’t ask me why…
Later, a caravan arrived and I went to them to ask for a trade-in. Well, they spended me a cool can of coke.
The mistake of the day: it was late and and drunk two of them…. so I couldn’t fall asleep.

I ate some spaghetti and tried to sleep….
 … took me very long, even I was tired!

See you…

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