Tuesday, 19th of April: arriving in Hughenden (137km)

19 Apr

Hi Again…

Sorry, it was a bad day… with only few positive points.

It started with the first fog I had in Australia. Quite special.. and therefor I got up late and started late as well as I had to wait for my tent and sleeping bag to dry.
Then the I saw after one kilometer, that I had lost my cycling glove and had to go back. That when I really recognized where the wind was blowing… fromt he bad side and quite strong: nearly allways between 12 o’clock and 2. Not very funny. And then all the day was going some little up, so little down. Even seen as flat: 400 meter positive riding. You wouldn’t expect that.
So to come back to the positive thing: I met the driver on the road with the spare tire…. And I really enjoyed arriving at late lunch at Stanfords.
But that’s all.
I had a puncture just 2km before arriving in Hughenden. The communication with my dearest was not at its best…
Hughendend has the worst ever seen Caravan Park. 10 AU$ per night and person without electricity is really very expensive. No sense of charity. Even when using my tent cost them nothing. Not family friendly: A couple with two small children had first to pay for them, only when they said that they are very joung (below 5) it was ok. They were put very far away from facilities (shower and kitchen) which is not easy for a family and on the top: very close to the road and train station. Therefor very very noisy!
My advice: take a shower somewhere else and DO NOT stay here if not really a must! Don’t be lasy like I am because my two engines (left and right legs) needs some rest before attacking the table lands of Cairns.

Take care,


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