Friday: once again… And news

18 Dec

After one of the best and quietest night up to now, I stood up relaxed for a new journey. As in the evening before the wind came from south and the forecast was to remain like that, I had great hope for a nice day. Well, hope often defers to reality: the weather was everything but that. A mixture of clouds and high "fog" as well as cold temperature below the 20°C, which cold to the over 30s I had days before! On top of it: wind came from…yes, you’ve got it: from north! ;-(

Already after 8km, my legs were cutted and had no energy anymore. I had to take a first rest, followed of another breakfast at the next gas station, where i waited 1 hour if the predicted wind would come.

As it was not the case, I had to continue the hifhway along the coast. Ups and dones all the way, nothing like flat. When you ask a local about the landscape, it is somewhat interesting how they feel it is. Once one guy told me there would be a huge ramp to go up. Could I’ve missed it? Or was I in trance?
Another guy said you will see, it nearly flat and with back wind, it should be easy. Well, flat is not 950 positive meters up on 100km! Especially when you have to break when rolling down, because that *&ß#Ö&"¿ó@ of trailer is crashing because it is not stable enough (or because I do not know how to pack it). Result: two holes more in the bags to be sealed and one damaged spoke. The positive part: not only the front wheel but now as well the back one has a side movement.

Anyway, in the late afternoon, the wind finally changed his mind, my legs were back so I decided to ride as long as possible. Just before it got dark, I found a place in a windmill park (to produce energy, not flavour) where I could place the tent and cook some pasta: about 10km north of Angostura/Canela Baja.

It is quite estonishing to be at sea level, in the summer at a latitude of 31.5 south (look were you would be in Europe!) and to have such low temperature: in the evening 18°C and in the day max 26, of course without the sun radiation.
That seems to be due to the effect of the cold pacific, which has as well an impact to the dryness.

Good night, Georges

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