Thursday: warm and cool

17 Dec

As we had a long talk the day before, the wake up was a little more difficult. But Ramon and Jose and both no problem to continue talking. The first kilometer needed some learning, as the "s" had still an impact, especially on the trailer.

Aeros was not with me, as I was facing the wind from begining. Afer a few kilometers the road went a few meters up to the Tunel of "El Colon". Jose and Ramon had a good proposition, as the tunel isy quite long, dark and dangerous because single laned: just ask at the control/payment station and they will drive with a truck. Yes, it worked! Many Thanks!

Later, the ocean for the first appeared followed by fog/clouds. After a little rest and some km later, they disappeared again. Luckily, the wind changed direction for the last 10km.
After 75km I landed in Pichidangui, a little village at the ocean, where I had nice fish dinner, wearing long trousers, shirt AND windstopper! Comparing to the last days it is freezing here, mainly due to the wind from the ocean, which below 20°C.

La "rosa nautica" is the place to stay:, where Silvana and Flavio are nice householder and friendly.

Good night every one…

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