Wednesday: a day to remember as I met an Angel!

16 Dec

After a short night due to a loud dog and bed I finally left the “habitation”. The Highway way still good, the landscape with different views. I saw my first cactus and after 33km I wanted to lunch and have a break at noon. Arriving at the Shell station, I decided first to pump some little more air in the tire to get less side movement at higher speed. From what I understand (and which was later confirmed) you just need to enter the pression you finally need and wait until it stopps. At that time I thought it was not enough and thought iot might due to a leak in the tube of the machine. I looked for some tape in my bag… What you need to know at that time, is that those machine are starting automatically again after a few seconds. Don’t ask me why, but it came another load until there was a big bang!

Ok first thought after I could hear again was that I would need to get out one the tire I had in reserve. But the tire is ok… The problem was the wheel. “I” had exceeded the maximum pressure and the wheel rim (Felge, jante) was bend with a so strong “S” that it was not possible to fix by adjusting the spokes. Was that the end??
I decided to get the tire back on the rim to be able to ride to next city. At that time, Carlos – a local tourist guide- asked me if he could help. It turned out that he is a real ANGEL: he drived me around from one solution to the other. I was already thinking of having to get a rim by internet. He even proposed to drvie me back to Santiago the get a new rim.

As the shops opens at 4pm, we decided to get something to drink and eat. He refused that I invited him…fortunately, I could revenge myself later.

Fortunately as well, we found someone who could fix it more or less. Now and with some kilometer on it I think I would felt more confident if I would bought a new one, as he had one.

Last but not least, Carlos drives me around to find a place to stay: Jose from Spain has a kind of bed&breakfast (which is for sale) for working people from the El Melon region.

I could eat at Joses house and had long discussion with him and Ramon about Chile and Europe. Luckily, Jose speak Englisch as well… (beside Norwegian, Italian and some French). I decided to give the rest of the chocolate I had to them…

So at the end of that long day, I am very happy about the experience made. Ok, I wouldn’t mind having my rim nice back.

Cheers, Georges

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