Tuesday, leaving Santiago: a day of ups and downs….

15 Dec

After breakfast (first up) I definitively packed all that stuff on the trailer and didn’t want to stop…here something more,oh here another something etc, just to give the first down. But then I finally managed to bring everything down (2nd up) and had to wait to leave the hotel (2nd down), I finally started the first "real" cycling day.. (up) until the trailer felt twice within 20 minutes of riding. To be honest, I didn’t test it with all the full package, assuming that the experience with the previous trailer (Bob Ibex for the experts) was enough… Bad bad Georges… From now on, I will remind that other experience. What happened due to my understanding was, that because I had attached the two bags together, maybe wrong displaced the total weight and because of their weight is on the upper limit, they started to get in resonance at a given speed which where not to take under control with that bike. One of the reason was that the tire were not inflated enough which produces a bouncing momentum and another because the Softail (or all fullsuspension) is not stiff enough

Anyway, the first 40km were more or less just beside the highway number 5, but as that paralell road finished in a no-end an there no "cycling forbidden" were to be seen, I decided to ride one the sideway of the autobahn.

The journey would have been "easy" with some more practice. Especially and because there was 70% of backwind and if you see the numbers: 91.7km and only some 300m positve uphill. On the other hand, it was the first ride since long, with some 50kg total weight (I had 6 liters of water)… And imagine yourself with 33° in the shadow (max. on the thermometer in my frontbag), max. 43% of humidity (min 21) and climbing when the sun is high..then those hundreds of meter get veeery hot. On the other hand: it will get hotter! 😉 good training!

As you might already have see it in different countries, unfortunately the same rule applies in Chile as well: out of the window, out of my mind! (no, my bicycle has no windows). Remember where I was driving? Yes, on the sideway…where all bottles and other stuff land. The other stuff disappear with the time, glas need some more time. And in between it give sharp stuff that like your tire very much. That love is one way. Now comes the up: I had filled my tubeless with that "special" rubber milk: after one day, I can at least count three wholes… But all were stucked and I had no stop!! :-)))) that’s definitively great.

For the last 20km, the wind decided to change ist direction, so I stopped in Llaillay and asked for a habitation because I couldn’t see one: I asked just in from of one… (one more up)

The shower was great, now I need to eat!

Vengo tomer! Buonas noches.. 😉

Aschi: if you read those lines, please forgive me not having followed that particular advice from you!!! 😉

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