Saturday, 26.12.2009: Going up

27 Dec

Well, after yesterday’s experience I was asking myself if returning home was an option. On the other hand, when one thinks to be quite done it often only can go up. Today was such a day: after asking several people I finally found a soldador (spanish for welder / soudeur / Schweisser) which on top had openn. He recognized that the part, that needed to be tuned was made of steel and not out of aluminium, what I thought to have read.

The result is not as nice as new. But it works… And he "promised" it would be much stable. As I know from which material it is made of and normally, there are much mechanics along the road, it could be fixed in case of bad luck…

Then I could as well change the tire in the back (because the trailer has touch it during the first 400+ km) and the rim (Felge/jante) in the front (remember the troubles I had last week, Tuesday?).

So it sounds like the journey can go on… After one week in La Serena: Finally!

Have a nice Sunday!

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