Thursday & Friday, 24/25.12.2009: Merry Xmas….

26 Dec

What a week…

All the week I’ve tried to find a solution for my railer. What did I whish to have my own one with correct dimension. Because the only shop that has one is in Santiago, I finally had to drive back by bus to the capital. As Christmas was near, the only place was at 02:35am. I finally arrived at 09:00, the 24th of December, took the metro, than the bus and found the shop. I was lucky to get back at the Santiago Bus station just in time and exchange my midnight ticket for another one at 12h05.
The seven hour in the bus were great as I met David who was driving back to his family for Xmas.
As the night before was very short, I decided to go for a short diner, knowing that I will have to find someone who make me modifications to the trailer on saturday.

Today, trying to get in contact with home at an internet coffee, I "lost" my vallet there and 10 minutes later it has disappeared… So on Christmas I spend one hour at "Los Cabinieros".

Merry Christmas..

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